Seated in the most strategic place I found in a town’s plaza, I rested for a while, turned my pocket wi-fi ON, and prayed that my internet network provider will bless me with a strong signal but to no avail. So instead of complaining about it (which I normally do), I remained quiet, looked around me, and enjoyed the wind of varying strengths from directions I could not determine. Continue reading “BLURRY”


With A Smile


There’s something magical about this Eraserheads song – that I feel a concoction of bliss and nostalgia whenever I double click it. Well, it just consumes 4.26 MB of my storage and plays for about 4 minutes and 50 seconds, but its capacity to tweak my emotion in a dramatic way is incredible – enough to give life to this article on one lazy Sunday morning. Continue reading “With A Smile”

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